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Being Green is Good Feng Shui

green feng shui resized 600While more and more people embrace the green environmental movement, Feng Shui has always had a “green” philosophy and principles.  Feng Shui chi, balance and respecting the earth are just additional perspectives on living green.

Creating or enhancing the optimal flow of chi in your life can be accomplished by improving lighting, de-cluttering and maintaining better balance in your home or apartment. Feng Shui incorporates many natural elements, like living plants, water and organic scents while discouraging the use unhealthy and toxic substances.


Lighting can brighten dark corners and invite more energy into the area. But this doesn’t mean just increasing your light fixtures or wattage, simply allowing in as much natural sunlight as possible will serve the purpose. You’ll also reduce your electric bill in the process, which is earth-friendly!

Adjust lighting to be welcoming as you enter a room. Dimmers allow you to set a mood and adjust the chi for the time of day. Motion-sensor lighting can also be used, both will use less energy.


Anything you can do to de-clutter and simplify your life is good Feng Shui. Start by accumulating less so that your home and life are less disorganized and more open. Instead of throwing things out, recycle, re-purpose, sell or donate items you no longer need. Feng Shui principles are earth-friendly and encourage sustainability.


We all want prosperity and more positive energy in our lives. But taking less and giving more back to the earth will help promote an atmosphere of balance. You will be promoting green responsibility while creating an opening for more good things to enter your life.

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