Best Flowers for a Feng Shui Flower Garden

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Best Flowers for a Feng Shui Flower Garden


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Flower gardens are perfect for good Feng Shui, especially for raising the chi in your outdoor spaces, filling in missing areas of the Ba Gua, or activating certain areas of the ba gua to achieve goals related to that trigram.

The design of a flower garden has many components. If you’ve planned your garden bed’s shape and done soil amendments, you can begin to select the elements that you’ll put in your flower garden.

Before going to the nursery to buy your plants and flowers, it’s best to draw your design onto a map of the garden bed. At this stage, you will want to lay your Ba Gua map over the area. This will give you an idea of the flowers that should be incorporated into each section. It’s also an opportunity to see how the Feng Shui aspects of your flower garden can help you achieve your goals.

Feng Shui Colors

Because color plays such a key role in Feng Shui, you’ll want to use the colors that represent the elements you want to attract. But don’t restrict your design to just the colors in your flowers and plants. Add rocks, garden statuary, water features and other items in specific colors or textures for balance.

•    Red – Red flowers will not only attract positive energy from those who view your garden, it introduces the fire element. Also use related shades like orange or deep salmon. In Feng Shui, the peony in these colors adds strength to the loving relationships in your life.

•    Yellow – Yellow flowers in the lower left corner of the bagua bring emotional security. Using yellow chrysanthemums will bring balance to the garden and they can attract good luck.

•    White – White flowers and shades of light gray introduce the element of metal. The narcissus, which looks like a small daffodil, can bring good luck in your career area.

Additional Items For the Garden

Balance the other elements of the flower garden with a small pond or water fountain. Bring metal in with a birdbath or wind chimes. Rocks or small stone statues of animals will add interest and texture.

A Feng Shui garden shouldn’t look crowded, so allow for enough space for your plants. Be sure and check with garden experts about what flowers and plants are best suited for your climate.

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