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Bathroom Feng Shui: How To Select The Placement Of The Bathroom In A New Home

feng shui bathroom

In Feng Shui, the bathroom location or placement of the toilet can share insight into what may happen or may be happening in your health, wealth or energy.
As a result, the Feng Shui of your bathroom placement and location is an important factor when planning to build or purchase a new home. 
Building a new home opens the door to lots of possibilities. You can work with an architect -- and a Feng Shui consultant -- to create a new residence that is in alignment with your goals and your personal chi.

In Feng Shui terms, bathroom placement is a major consideration when building a new home, since the bathroom can affect our finances, our health and our confidence.

Since the bathroom is such a critical aspect in Feng Shui, it's actually easier to talk about where not to place the bathroom. In most cases, you can help reflect the flow of chi (and energy and good fortune) down the bathroom drains by placing a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door, but it's still best not to place a bathroom in the following locations:

- Don't place a bathroom along the home's central line, the three center trigrams of the Ba Gua, and especially not in the central palace.

- The bathroom should not face the kitchen, since the kitchen (and especially the stove) represents your wealth, recognition, career and how you are viewed by others, as well as the health and energy our bodies derive from the food we eat.
A bathroom facing the kitchen can encourage wealth being flushed away. (Note: in many homes, due to plumbing considerations, a bathroom will share a wall with the kitchen. This is very practical, cost-effective, and not bad Feng Shui.

- Bathrooms should not face bedrooms, as this can affect the health and well-being of the home's residents. Similarly, a bathroom should not be located directly above a bedroom.

- Do not place a bathroom at the end of a long corridor, since rushing chi down the hallway can negatively affect the home's residents' health, especially their digestive and reproductive health.

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