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Feng Shui Garden Design Tips - The Best Shape for a Feng Shui Garden

feng shui gardenSpring is on the way and after a challenging winter, it’s a welcome change. You might be already thinking about getting your garden ready for new plants. A garden is a great way to raise the chi on your property, as plants and flowers enhance the flow of chi around the home.

Planning, planting and working in your garden are great ways to reconnect with nature. If you’re thinking about putting in a new garden, focus on what Feng Shui principles and elements you want to include. So what’s the best shape for a Feng Shui garden bed?

Extend the Ba Gua

A garden doesn’t have to be large to be a tranquil respite. Any small area can be turned into a garden bed that will hold chi-giving plants. Lay the Ba Gua map over your yard (either backyard, front yard or as a whole) the same way you do over your home.

As you are designing your garden, keep the Ba Gua in mind and also keep in mind what you want to attract in life. You may want to put your garden in the top left (wealth and prosperity), middle left (health, new beginnings and family) or bottom left (knowledge and self-cultivation) of the bagua map. You could concentrate on one particular area or have your garden bed extend over all three sections.

Curves for Flow

When you look at a field, woods or any other natural setting, you will notice that you don’t see many straight lines. Rigid corners and hard edges don’t usually occur in nature. The layout of your garden bed should follow nature’s example. Shape your space with gentle curves that create pathways for the flow of chi throughout your garden. If you have the space, you might incorporate a small footpath into your design.

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