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Feng Shui Luck: Slanted Walls Can Affect Your Good Fortune

feng shui mirrorSometimes, homes and apartments have oddly slanted walls to make room for staircases, air conditioning or heating systems, or just architectural design features. Unfortunately, a slanted wall cuts out a section of a trigram in the Feng Shui Ba Gua, and can cause misfortune for a home or apartment's residents.

Fortunately, there are a few Feng Shui remedies you can employ, short of major construction, to fix the situation.

Feng Shui Flaw: A slanted wall that creates a “fifth wall” and cuts out a section of the Ba Gua.

Remedy: Hang a large mirror or bamboo flute on the wall to permit chi to penetrate into the missing area.

Feng Shui Flaw: An entire wall built on an angle.

Remedy: Hang a large mirror on the wall, or place a light or plant in the corner with the acute angle to promote the flow of chi. In a house, you can also plant a garden directly outside the slanted wall.

Remember, as with everything in Feng Shui, place your intention behind the remedy and keep your end result firmly in your mind.

If you don't perceive the wall to be a problem, it may not be. But, often we fail to see patterns in our life -- which are a direct result of Feng Shui that is out of alignment -- because we are too close to the situation. It could be that your home's construction features are not causing a problem -- or it could be that you haven't yet noticed the pattern of challenges in your life.

That's where a Feng Shui consultant can help. If you're unsure about some of your home's features, why not give me a call for an outside perspective?

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