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Feng Shui Goal Setting: 3 Easy Changes To Move You Towards Your Goals

3 easy ways to reach goals resized 600Sometimes you have to adapt rapidly to change – you must respond immediately and in a way that restores balance. Fortunately, though, most change is incremental, which gives you time to acclimate to it. If you are the one putting the change in motion, you can shape it.

Often when setting out to make significant change in your life, it feels overwhelming when you look at the tasks ahead. But remember, you simply have to take that first step. Keeping your goal in mind, visualize how you can break it down into manageable parts. Where might you start?

Changes to Move You Forward

1. Create a Vision Board – Imagine your goal and picture how you and your surroundings would look when you accomplish it. Clip pictures from magazines, take photos or even colors and textures that inspire you and tack them on a bulletin board or make a collage. When you feel yourself losing energy, look at your vision board to regain your momentum. You’ll find it easier to take the next step.

2.  Find an “Accountability Friend” – When you are working towards a goal, it’s often helpful to have someone to hold you accountable - a close friend or mentor whom you trust. If you don’t have these people in your life, attract them by looking at the bagua section of your home that represents “travel and helpful people.” Strengthen it by adding a metal element, like a windchime. Set up times to meet. Knowing you will be “reporting in” will make you accountable.

3. Make an Attitude Shift - Pay attention to how you describe things along the path to your goal. Are there “barriers” or “obstacles?” Renaming and reframing is good Feng Shui because it helps you align the Universe with your goals. So look at your path and instead of barriers, see “challenges” and opportunities. You’ll be amazed at how much this helps you keep your focus and move towards your goal.

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