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Why Pets are Good Feng Shui

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Pets enhance our lives as companions, friends and family members. Studies have proven that having a pet can reduce stress, high-blood pressure and provide many health benefits. A pet can be an undemanding, positive and calming presence in your home. And they also bring energy and vitality into our lives.

Having a pet is good Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, a life force is anything with vitality and can impact the chi around you. Pets are naturally upbeat and have positive energy. And because your pet will most often choose to be where you are, the positive chi around you increases.

Free-Moving Chi

Living things – plants and animals, have a life force. Simply placing plants in your home can positively impact the flow of chi. But because your pet moves around the house, he is creating a “free-moving” chi when he goes from room to room.

You may have noticed that your dog or cat has a favorite spot or two in the house. It could be where he sleeps or maybe is drawn to the warmth of sun coming in a window. Animals seem to find places with the best energy, so that particular area of a room can activate the flow of chi.

Keeping Pets Healthy

You can return your pet’s chi with love and good care. Like people, pets like to be clean and you want to be sure that the areas where he eats and sleeps are clean. Wash food and water bowls often. Make sure your pets have opportunities for plenty of fresh air. Walking your dog is a great way for you to follow the Feng Shui principle of connecting with nature. Even indoor cats can enjoy the breeze from an open, screened window.

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