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Feng Shui Sleeping: How Do You Determine Where Should You Sleep?

master bedroomProvocative question, isn't it? It might be, but we're actually going to talk about the best placement for a bedroom in Feng Shui. Because the bedroom is an important place of rest and renewal, its placement in a home can affect every area of your life.

A master bedroom should never be placed in the front half of a home, as this can lead to difficulty sleeping and a feeling of being a “gatekeeper” rather than the master of your domain.

Beyond that, the optimal location for a bedroom changes depending on whose bedroom it is and what stage of life that person is in.


When possible, children should sleep in the “children” section of the home according to the Ba Gua map.  This is the area along the center of the right wall when you are facing the doorway looking in.

Teens and Young Adults

An older child who is having trouble in school may benefit from having their bedroom moved to the knowledge and self-cultivation position. If it's not practical to move the bedroom, place their bed or desk in this corner of their room.

Single Person

A single person looking for a mate could align their bedroom position with their goals by placing the master bedroom in the marriage corner of their home or apartment. You can strengthen this Feng Shui solution by placing the bed in that trigram of the Ba Gua, as well (as long as it is in the command position and not placed up against a wall).

Parents or Married People

The best location for the heads of a household or married partners is in the Marriage trigram or in the Family trigram, as long as the location in the family trigram is behind the home's center line. These positions create a sense of authority so that children in the household will offer respect to their parents.

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