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The 5 Feng Shui Principles That Unlock Incredible Breakthroughs In Your Business, Relationships & Life...

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What Does It Mean To Fulfill Your Life's Purpose?

feng shuiWhat does happiness mean to you? How about success? How do you define wealth or abundance?

All of these words are intangible, and open to the interpretation of the people speaking and hearing them.

Before you can hope to begin to attain any of these things, first you must define exactly what they mean to YOU. Other people's definitions don't matter.

For instance, in some areas, a person making six figures annually would consider themselves wealthy. In other parts of the U.S., that person might still struggle with bills and finances. To a third person, wealth may have nothing to do with their net worth at all: if that person has good health, a loving family and close friends, they may consider themselves “wealthy” by their definition. And they'd all be right.

Define Your Purpose

One of my goals in life, my personal mission, is to help others fulfill their life purpose. First, you must define that purpose. Then, you can begin your journey to fulfilling it. When you identify your purpose and your specific goals (and how you will recognize when you have achieved those goals), you can adjust your environment so it works in alignment with those goals.

Soon, you'll find opportunities opening up before you, and you'll have the energy and self-confidence to pursue those opportunities.

Are You Ready?
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