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Body Talk: What Message Are You Sending to the Universe?

body talk

Chi (energy) flows through our body just as it flows through our living space. If we are feeling down, overwhelmed or stressed, our energy will emanate those emotions and our physiology -- the way we stand, act and carry ourselves, including the gestures we make -- will reflect that energy and emotions, too.

When we send out that type of negative chi to the Universe, we will attract more negative energy back to ourselves. This leads to feeling pretty bad, feeling stuck in our lives, unhappy, and unable to tap into our best self to live in the present moment. 

But there's good news.

Our physiology doesn't have to mimic or reflect our feelings. If we focus with mindful intention, we can actually change our outward physiology -- the message we are sending to other people and the Universe as a whole -- regardless of how we feel inside.

Even better news ...

When we make the conscious effort to change our physiology to a more positive stature, we will begin to feel better. We begin to attract more positive chi to ourselves.

Attracting Positive People

Let's think about this concept in terms of people. If you walk into a room -- a party, a networking event, or even work -- slumped down, with a frown on your face, and your arms crossed, will anyone want to approach you? If anyone does, it's probably someone who feels as down as you do. The two of you may spend time talking about everything that's wrong, making both of you feel even worse.

On the other hand, if you enter a room with a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and an open stance that appears to welcome people, everyone is going to want to greet you. And they will all be smiling, too. The positive energy will be nearly tangible in the room. In fact, others who aren't as cheerful may even find the festive atmosphere rubbing off on them. You can truly bring a room to life with a smile.

How to Change Your Physiology to Be Happy

If you're feeling down, do this:

- Hold your chin high
- Smile
- Raise your shoulders and take a deep breath, permitting the oxygen and positive chi to flow into your body and reach every cell
- If you're walking, quicken your pace
- Do not keep your body hunched down or your shoulders crossed
- Pay attention to how it feels to stand up straight and smile

Don't you feel a little better already?

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