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5 Ways To Make Tax Time Bearable with Feng Shui

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If you haven't already filed your taxes, you may be waiting until that last minute, April 18 deadline. Perhaps you are afraid of owing money you don't have, or maybe you just don't like the complicated hassle of filling out all those forms, even if you are expecting a tax refund. 

Procrastinating won't make taxes go away, but these quick and easy Feng Shui tips can make them more bearable.

1. Make yourself comfortable. If you'll be doing your taxes in your home office, make the space as comfortable as possible. One easy and inexpensive change you can make right away is to place your desk in the command position. Surround yourself with items that will make you feel relaxed but alert. This could mean placing some live plants in the space, family photos in the family trigram of the Ba Gua when you lay it out over your desk, or adding some artwork that makes you smile.

2. Get organized. It's not just good Feng Shui -- it's common sense. Gather all your papers and receipts in advance and place them in a corner of your desk or even in a nice basket, so that when you sit down to begin, you can really focus.

3. Make sure you have the right lighting. Lights not only activate chi in a specific area, they can improve your focus. Make sure you have task lighting to see paperwork easily, and that your computer monitor is set up for the best viewing angles.

4. Put yourself in the right frame of mind. As you sit down at your desk to begin the paperwork, visualize a time when you felt completely competent and in control. Imagine where and how you were sitting, what you were wearing, and how it felt. You'll feel more competent and in control when you begin adding all those numbers into boxes.

5. Wear the right Feng Shui colors for concentration. Black and green are good colors to enhance your concentration, wisdom and intelligence and, also colors associated with money and income. These make them the perfect colors for tax day!

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