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Feng Shui Your Debt: How To Improve Your Debts and Prosperity

debt freeFeng Shui can help you reduce your debt and improve your income, wealth and financial status. Debt can lower your personal vibration and frequency when it becomes stressful to keep up with payments and impact your cash flow.
Take a look at these Feng Shui Debt Tips to help you reduce stress and more.
Whether we think about it or not, our wealth and income affects every other area of our life. It's hard to live a fulfilling life, or to give back to others, if we don't have both the necessities and the comforts we desire in our own lives.

If you're deep in debt, the stress of the money you owe could be weighing you down, blocking you from accepting profitable opportunities, or making positive change in your life. If you enter your home to see piles of unpaid bills and disorganization, it's counterproductive to your focus of getting out of debt.

Set email or phone reminders to pay your credit card bills on time, and stash those papers away where you won't see them. (Or, better yet, shred or burn them).

Where Your Debt Manifests In Your Home

Look around your home or apartment, and think about the stories it may be telling about your finances. Is your home filled with clutter -- items you bought on credit -- that don't bring you happiness or enhance your living space?
This could indicate impulsive habits that you may want to tame with objects that add stability to your space. It may also be time to replace these items with a few choice purchases that make you feel wealthy, even if they don't cost a lot.

Habits like leaving your bathroom door open, the toilet bowl lid open, or a home layout that causes the chi to rush through your front door also tells the story of an individual or family who has trouble hanging on to money.
Fix these issues in your space, while setting your intention that you will write a budget and stick to it in the future.

Visualize the Feeling of Being Debt-Free

Wherever we place our focus, we will find success. But first, we must capture the emotion we'll experience when we achieve that success. Spend a few moments each day thinking about how financial security will feel. 

You'll begin to see opportunities to attract extra cash to pay down your debt, (tax refund, anyone?) and every small success will encourage you to take bigger steps.

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