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Feng Shui Office Tips - Feeling Stuck: What’s Under Your Desk?

feng shui deskIn today’s office environment, there is very little personal work space, especially if you occupy a cubicle. Are you prone to stuffing things under your desk that you have no room for or haven’t had time to put away? In addition to creating a cramped area, it can create an environment that’s not healthy for you physically or psychologically.

It can be even worse if you have a home office, own your own business or frequently telecommute. After all, there's no cleaning staff that has to vacuum under the desk and no boss setting standards for cleanliness.

Keeping the area under your desk clean and free of clutter gives you room to move and stretch your legs, which means you will also stretch your mind. You'll feel more productive and experience enhanced creativity.

Sit Healthy

You should be able to sit up straight in your office chair, to easily see your computer monitor and have room for your feet. This isn’t possible if you’re scrunching at an odd angle to avoid your under-desk mountain of stuff.  Being uncomfortable while sitting can cause numerous health problems, particularly in your back, neck and head.

Are you Feeling Stuck?

In addition to potential health problems, having things under your desk (especially computer equipment, books, shoes or a wastebasket) can have the psychological effect of making you feel stuck. This could translate to how you feel about your career opportunities and whether your work is fulfilling.

There are plenty of distractions in the workplace. You want to be free to focus your attention on working productively and meeting your goals. Not only could the mound under your desk be constraining you, it is a constant reminder of clutter and unfinished tasks. This is also restricting the flow of chi in your work area. The energy from that flows should help you to move forward.

Creative Solutions

One way to tackle your clutter is to find creative ways to organize or dispense with it. If you simply need to take the time to walk to the shredder with a pile of paper, just do it. You will feel lighter. The act of organizing the under-desk items will also have an energizing effect. Don’t feel confined to boring office- supply solutions like file folders. Bring in baskets, bowls, antique wooden trays or other unexpected, decorative elements to organize your things that will also make you feel good about your workspace.

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