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One Green Change to Brighten Your Morning

feng shui bathroom plants resized 600Who couldn’t use more lush greenery around them? Plants are life-enhancing for their beauty but literally, too, as they give off oxygen that we breathe. One place where it is especially important to have touches of live foliage is your bathroom. Plants create a spa-like environment while adding living chi. This can help balance the hectic rush we are often in as we get ready for the day.

Consider incorporating beautiful live plants in your bathroom for their colors. The Feng Shui “wood” element of plants in shades of light green and sage-blue nicely balances all that water energy present in a bathroom.

Types of Plants to Incorporate

Fresh herb plants will add not just soothing color, but scent. The bath is a perfect place for the calming effects of scents from lavender, rosemary or sage plants. Don’t consign them just to kitchen and cooking duty. Potted in beautiful containers, herb plants  thrive in the humidity of the bathroom.

Bamboo is perfect because its color and presence is calming, and it's also a very easy plant to care for. It’s also considered one of the luckiest plants in Feng Shui, particularly when it has three or five stalks. The indirect light in most bathrooms is perfect for bamboo.
Wheat grass is another good choice for your bath. While mostly thought of as a health food source, it’s also a lovely plant to incorporate into your bathroom. It's vibrant green and very easy to grow, usually available in a pre-potted kit -- all you need to do is add water.

You’ll enjoy walking into the restful environment that plants create in your bathroom, infuse the air with life energy, and make you feel good. The boost of confidence and good feelings you get from the live plants in your bathroom will help you pursue your goals with greater energy all day.

Want more tips on using Feng Shui in your bathroom to boost your confidence and turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary?

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