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Feng Shui Focus: What Is Most Important To You?

true purpose in lifeYou can use action, intention, and Feng Shui in every area of your life for positive results and lasting change. But first, you must decide exactly what it is you want. When you begin fulfilling your true life purpose every day, everything else falls into place; and it will be easy to have and achieve everything you desire.

After all, anything we set out to do is only difficult because we believe it will be difficult. This attitude can block us from achieving our dreams. If we approach any change in our life with the intention that it will be easy to accomplish, we will find the Universe aligning with our wishes. Fortunate happenings will occur that will make it easier for us to achieve our goals. It becomes easy when we say it is easy.

You can take the first step by discovering your true life purpose, and your greatest goals and dreams ... and it really is easy.

Identify Your Focus to Find Your Path to Success

I often  talk about the three components of success and happiness: intention, intuition and Feng Shui. But there's another aspect that's equally important: Focus. Focus and intention are quite similar. Your intention is the action you will take. You set your intention after you discover the powerful answer to “why” you want to do something -- your motivation.

But your focus comes first. Your focus is where you are placing that intention. Take a few seconds to think about where you're placing the focus in your life right now:

- Your career/job/business?
- Your family?
- Your romance?
- Your health and fitness?

Chances are, wherever you're placing your focus, you're probably pretty successful in that area right now. If you’re doing great in your career – then that is where your focus is. If you’re great with your children, they have your focus.

Now, ask yourself: Is the area where you're placing your focus the area that will, ultimately, bring you the most happiness and fulfillment? Is it the thing you most enjoy?

When we place our focus on our true life purpose, we'll see our environment -- our home, place of business and our surrounding community -- fall into alignment to help us achieve greater success in that area.

We can also use the power of Feng Shui to bring our environment into better alignment with our goals.

I'll continue to discuss more about the power of focus and intention in future posts, but if you can't wait to get started on a path to success, I have a special offer for you. Learn more right now with your Feng Shui Secrets Free Trial.

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