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Small Feng Shui Improvements Make a Big Difference

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You've often heard me talk about surrounding yourself with things you love. But what about when you have an old piece of furniture that you can't afford to replace, or you just don't have the time and money right now to make all the home improvements you'd love to do?

In Feng Shui, even the smallest improvements can have profound effects on the positive chi that flows through your home, and on your mindset.

I recently provided a Feng Shui consultation with a NYC client who voiced her distaste at the sofa in her living room. But she didn't have the money right now to buy a new one, and the sofa was in good condition.

Instead of making a big ticket purchase, I suggested she add some really nice, high-quality throw pillows to the couch in bright colors to enliven the room and encourage positive chi to flow. Even the most expensive pillows you can buy won't equal the price of a new couch, but small improvements like this really change the energy in a room.

Knowing this client likes to surround herself with nice (and sometimes pricey) things, I also suggested she replace the cork board hanging over her dresser with a fancy mirror. These items make her feel good. She's decorating her apartment for the person she wants to be, and turning it into a home.

For another NYC Feng Shui client, I recommended we move the large carpet from her bedroom into her living room. This change didn't cost any money at all, but it gave the living room a warmer, family feel.

Some people may feel enlivened and wealthy through the addition of plants in their space, nice artwork, or even really luxurious towels. For me, I like having fresh fruit around my home and bowls of almonds. These don't cost a lot and they remind me of my focus on healthy eating.

What items do you really love that you don't keep in your home? What would make you feel rich without costing a lot of money?

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