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Feng Shui For Single Mothers: How A Single Mother Of Two Gets UnStuck In Her Life & Career

feng shui dining roomWe often think of good Feng Shui as creating a space where chi can flow freely, which would mean open, airy rooms and an open floor plan. And it's true that this setting can be good Feng Shui. But it's also good to maintain distinct areas of your home for specific tasks.

For instance:

- If possible, don't let your kitchen or dining room table double as a study or work area.

- Don't keep exercise equipment or computers in the master bedroom.

- In a child's bedroom, try to separate sleeping and play areas in some way.

In a large room, you may use furniture or screens to separate different areas, or simply let the layout of the room imply different purposes. I recently had a Feng Shui consultation with a mom of two in a NYC suburb. She achieved great results by creating a separate study area for her boys in the living room.

She removed their desks from their bedroom to promote a better night's sleep. Then, she used her existing kitchen table and moved it to a space in her living room that wasn't being used. This created a cozy, separate corner in the living room where the boys could study and focus -- while still keeping the computer in a common area, which is very important so parents can keep tabs on their children's Internet activity.

My client also purchased a new, round kitchen table which also improved the Feng Shui in that room.

Does Your Home or Apartment Reflect Your Needs?

When we made that switch, it completely changed the whole atmosphere of the space. Feng Shui is about understanding and using the spaces in your home not because somebody told you a certain room should serve a specific purpose, but because it reflects how you want to live your life.

My client agreed: “A consultation with Ken offers tangible, practical changes that free up the space to allow energy to flow in through you, throughout your space, through your family, through your career -- and it ties it all together,” she says. “I feel this energy flow. It doesn't get stuck anywhere.... More and more changes are coming everyday. I'm very very happy to have Ken in my corner and to have him 'free me up.'”

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