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How To Make Positive Changes In Your Home With Feng Shui

nyc feng shuiI recently consulted for a woman in a NYC apartment. Although the apartment itself was spacious, her entryway needed serious Feng Shui help. The door to the apartment could only open 45 degrees, and the bathroom door, located directly behind it, actually hit the front door when it opened. This situation was potentially blocking her from some great opportunities and possibilities coming into her life.

While there wasn't anything we could do about the door, we were able to make some significant, and easy, changes to her entryway to encourage the flow of positive chi into the space. I'll let her share her side of the story.

Feng Shui with Mirrors

“I had a long, horizontal mirror in my hallway right when you come in, as many people do. But mine was at a height where I couldn't see my face. Ken suggested I lower it to see my whole face, and so people entering my apartment could see themselves too. I did that and immediately noticed a difference. I feel better leaving my house every day!”

Feng Shui the Entry with Light

“Ken also suggested I get a lamp on a timer so the light is always on when I come home in the evening. I noticed a difference right away, walking into a place that's well lit. Entering a dark place, even your own home, you always have that split second of uneasiness. Now I feel calmer coming home to my apartment.”

“Working as a Team”

While the changes in her apartment aren't yet complete, we were able to get started with easy fixes right away, which is one of the benefits of a Feng Shui consultation. “Ken made me feel like we were working as a team. It's like having someone on your side to help you make positive changes in your life,” she said.

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