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Feng Shui Healing: How One Woman Created a Space for Healing

myofacialrelease feng shuiI recently completed an exciting Feng Shui consultation in the NYC suburb of Mamaroneck for a physical therapist. This client, Maureen, had always envisioned having a room in her house where she could treat patients.
Her new three bedroom apartment gave her this opportunity, but she didn't feel the space she had created really conveyed herself, her skills or her physical therapy practice.

I worked with her to help her create not a treatment room, but a Healing Room. “This was where the consultation started,” she says, “because it represents my career and my life path.”


Transforming a Space

We made several changes to the space to transform it from a spare bedroom with a treatment table to a true sanctuary for Maureen and her patients.

- Replaced “fake” incense from a mass market store with real Red Crystal Incense, which has healing properties.

- Added a plush rug to keep patient's feet warm and soften the atmosphere of the room.

- Added Himalayan Salt Lamps for soothing lighting, to create  a true healing ambiance. These lamps produce negative ions to supply energy, cleanse the air and promote a sense of inner peace.

- Added living plants to help bring natures indoors.

- Recommended heavy blankets to create a sense of security


The Biggest Transformation Occurs Within

While these changes to the environment helped create a healing room, the biggest transformation occurred within Maureen's mindset. She went from thinking of herself as someone who dabbles in healing to being a professional healer. “It's been a wonderful transformation,” she says, adding that her business has grown so much, she's now turning clients away.

Whether you run a business from your home or in an outside office, a Feng Shui consultation may be able to help you take it to the next level.

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