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Feng Shui Your Wardrobe for Valentine’s Day

feng shui colors for wardrobe resized 600Whether a Valentine’s Day evening out is a first date or celebration of a relationship, you can use Feng Shui to help your night meet your expectations.

First, take some time before the date to envision the perfect evening. Let your physiology convey your confidence that the night will go smoothly by holding your head high and smiling. Then, use Feng Shui to select the perfect outfit that will help you make a powerful connection to that special person. Don’t be surprised if you make other heads turn as well!

Confidence is Attractive

You know that dress or suit that has just the perfect fit to flatter you? Think about how you feel when you’re wearing it. When you look good, you automatically project an aura of confidence and that’s very sexy. Self-assurance also gives you inner strength, which is very powerful. It draws people to you because positive energy has an alluring pull.

Red for Impact

When you want to make an even more dramatic impression, select the color of your outfit with passion and love in mind. Red is strongly associated with Valentine’s Day for a reason – it’s the color of passion. Don’t be subtle -- use that passionate color of attraction and good fortune!

•    If you don’t choose a red dress or blouse, pick some dynamite red accessories – earrings or a bold bangle that you love.
•    Men can work the red, too. Try a red pocket square with a beautifully-cut black suit.
•    A tie in a shade of red or burgundy combined with a silver-gray jacket projects both style and power.

Peach or Pink for Passion

Peach can send an equally passionate signal, but it’s a bit more subtle. It hints that you’re open to seduction. If peach or beige is close to your skin color, it can create a “barely-there.” Pink has a similar vibe. Pink and peach have the added benefits of being considered lucky Feng Shui colors for finding a mate!

•    As with red, men can use peach or pink as an eye-catching accent to dark colors.
•    Women should consider the sensual surprise of a peach or pink shoe.

Carefully select a Valentine’s date outfit with Feng Shui in mind to boost your confidence and send subtle signals to your mate to help make the connection you desire.

Color may seem like a small thing, but it could change the way the others look at you and how confident you feel. In my Feng Shui Special Report: Using Color To Change Your Life that I provide as a free bonus gift, I go into more detail about the different aspects of color regarding the wardrobe and more… so check it out here: Feng Shui Secrets Free Trial

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