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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Space Cleansing

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Space Cleansing  resized 600The Chinese New Year began on February 3 and is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. Celebrating the New Year is rich in traditions involving family, friends and good fortune to come. In preparation for the celebration, one tradition is to do a thorough cleaning of the home.

Feng Shui Clean Sweep for Chinese New Year

Cleaning the home sweeps away all the bad luck of the previous year. The home is then ready to receive the good fortune that will come in the New Year. This mirrors the Western New Year’s tradition of leaving the old behind and looking toward the future’s possibilities. Resolutions are made to strengthen the focus on achieving positive results in the New Year.

Even if you’ve fallen behind on your own “clean sweep” and January 1, 2011 resolutions, I suggest you try a “do-over” for the Chinese New Year. Start with the following:

•    Give your home a thorough cleaning.
•    Go room to room and start tossing things out, especially items that are negative reminders of the past year.
•    Take a look in the wealth corner of your home or apartment. Is it a cluttered mess? This could reflect your finances. Clear this area and revitalize it with a three-stalk bamboo plant or a money tree.
•    Focus on resolving differences or trouble spots in your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.
•    Sweep the negative thoughts and regrets out and focus on generating positive energy (chi).

New Year, New Opportunities

You’ve cleaned your home, resolved some old difficulties and switched your focus from negative regrets to a positive forward-thinking focus. You and your home are now open to receive the good fortune that (both) New Years will bring!

Being open to new possibilities and good fortune is different from making New Year’s resolutions that are unrealistic. Failing to meet those goals can pull you back to that negative energy of the past. So, I suggest you not be so hard on yourself. Just stay aware and open to those new, good things coming into your life.

Space Cleansing

Now that you are in a good place and ready for the New Year’s gifts, why not reinforce your efforts by having a space cleansing? With an on-site space cleansing, I will build on the positive energy you want to continue to generate. Using Feng Shui principles, I’ll help you clear any remaining past negative influences. Space cleansing is followed by a blessing method to help you stay on your new path!

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