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Bringing Love Into Your Life The RIGHT Way

feng shui love

Excerpt from Feng Shui Secrets: What Everyone Should Know About How to Be Successful with Feng Shui.

“I recently did a Feng Shui consultation for a woman who was seeking the love of her life. She had read a bit about Feng Shui, learned how to lay the Ba Gua over a space, and wanted to use Feng Shui cures in the Marriage area of the master bedroom in order to attract a mate.

“She had red roses, pink hearts, kissing doves, a pair of lamps, and all manner of items (all in pairs) clustered in that corner. She also used items that represented traits she wanted in her perfect mate: loyalty, intelligence, a sense of humor, good with children, etc. etc.

“The shelf looked like a shrine to love -- but it actually told a different story. All those items showed me that she was scattering her energies. I suggested she focus on a few key points that she wanted in a mate, and then pick one object that embodied the most important traits and also had significance to her.

“She cleared off the shelf, chose her favorite keepsake, and made a special spot for it in the Marriage corner of her home.

“A few weeks later, she met a man that is everything she's ever wanted in her life. Was the power in the object? The object had the power she gave it. Focusing on her goal, expecting she would meet her future husband, and living with intention made it happen. Remember, everything is energy, so our thoughts truly do manifest into things, or people, or the living situations we desire.”

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