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How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

New Year ResolutionsHundreds of studies quote the disheartening statistics: Most people abandon their New Year's resolutions by February. Some studies say at least 50% of people hold out until March with their resolutions, but then give them up just as spring arrives.

Some reasons resolutions fail?

- Not having a clear plan for success
- Aiming too high, such as quitting smoking cold turkey or vowing to change all your bad eating habits at once
- Not having a support system
- The home or work environment doesn't support and encourage success

One Step in the Right Direction is All It Takes

We all know how we feel when we succeed at something. It feels pretty good, doesn't it? When we experience early success with our goals, it makes us want to do more. It gives us encouragement that we really can do it.

More importantly, it gives us a “model” for our success. If we succeeded once, all we have to do is to do that exact same thing, while we're in the exact same frame of mind, in order to succeed again. Then we do it again. And again. Until that new, desirable behavior actually becomes our new habit.

Change Your Surroundings to Change Your State and Your Life

Once we know what success feels like, we can also use Feng Shui to change our surroundings so it supports our new successful state of mind. This can involve “mundane” remedies, such as prohibiting smoking by visitors in our home and cleaning that smoky smell from our linens, clothing and upholstery, or getting rid of all the junk food in our house or apartment.

But you can multiply your results with Feng Shui remedies. Place anchoring objects in your home, in the appropriate Ba Gua trigrams, when possible, to remind you of your early success. Buy yourself a small token gift when you first achieve that early success. Looking at that object will put you back in that positive state of mind, where you can succeed again and again.

Improve the Flow of Chi with Feng Shui

When we're living in an environment that feels relaxing and secure, where the flow of energy is positive, it puts us in a better state to achieve, and to continue achieving, our life goals.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a very exciting project that I hope will help thousands of people improve the flow of chi in their lives, guide them toward setting clear, attainable goals, developing an action plan to achieve those goals, and using Feng Shui to help them along the way.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow that just may hold the answers you're looking for.

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