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Entryway Cluttered? Feng Shui Solutions for Winter

Feng Shui in the entrance resized 600It's winter and, for many people that means snow. For parents, this also means snow boots, hats, scarves, mittens, coats and an endless trail of snowy footprints in and out the doorway.

Are there so many coats hanging in your entryway you can't even think about Feng Shui because the space looks more like a yard sale than an entrance?

Remember, a good Feng Shui door should open a full 90 degrees. Hanging coats behind the door (either on the wall or on the door itself) may seem like a space-saving solution, but it can block opportunities and positive energy from flowing into your life.

In the spring, when it's just a jacket or two, those coat hooks may not block the door from opening. But in the winter, clothing tends to pile up. And so many people already feel stuck in the winter, you don't want to add to those feelings with bad Feng Shui in the entry, right?

Save Time with an Organized Entry

There are other solutions to the age-old “coats piled near the door” problem. Consider a coat rack that you can place in a corner of the entrance where it will be out of the way of foot traffic. Make sure it's large enough to hold everyone's coats, and that it's sturdy enough that it won't tip over.

A shoe rack or even a shoe tray can hold boots, and catch all the dirt and snow so you don't have to constantly wash the foyer floor, too. This will save time and help you stay more organized.

Consider a small shelf with cubby holes for mittens, hats and scarves, or hooks hanging from the wall next to the door, rather than behind it.

Feng Shui is Practical, Too

Feng Shui in the entrance is not about hanging wind chimes or painting your door a specific color. The changes that help the flow of chi through our space also helps create more positive energy in our life in a very practical sense.

Think about it: You'll experience a much less stressful morning when the kids can find all their clothing easily and get themselves ready for the cold and out the door in minutes. That simple step sets the tone for a much more successful and fulfilling day.

What practical Feng Shui changes can you make in your home or apartment to simplify your life, save time and reduce stress?

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