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Feng Shui Principles: When Not to Worry About Sha Chi

describe the imageIf you know a little about Feng Shui basics, you know that sha (killing) chi is negative energy that can make yourself and your home's inhabitants literally ill, cause misfortune, or create financial difficulties.

But not all sharp, pointy corners or other things we may think of as being bad actually expel sha chi.

Distance and Sha Chi

In Feng Shui, distance matters. If a road with rushing traffic, or a t-intersection, both normally considered sha chi, is very close to your house, this can cause a lot of problems. But if your house is set back from the main road by a long driveway and you can barely see the intersection from your front door, it may not represent a problem at all.

The same goes for a square pillar near your front entrance. If it is quite a distance away, it will not have the same negative affect as a pillar with sharp corners that nearly blocks your entrance.

Perception and Sha Chi

Mountains are often viewed as creating obstacles in Feng Shui; they are not a desirable land characteristic. However, in the right place, a mountain can also be considered a symbol of protection. It depends on the mountain's shape, location, and distance from your home.

Similarly, man made structures like water towers and electrical poles should be judged not by their sharp corners, but by the overall energy they give off. Does the structure feel menacing and imposing, or helpful and protective?

The more you study Feng Shui principles, the more you will learn to follow your intuition in pinpointing sources of sha chi. If you have specific questions about structures near your home, I can help you with a Feng Shui phone consultation.

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