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Feng Shui Wealth Vase for Good Fortune

Feng Shui Wealth Vase resized 600A Feng Shui wealth vase is one of the objects people may use to activate the chi in the wealth section of their home. A Feng Shui vase, like any other object, has the power you give it, which is strongly rooted in your intention. If you like how a Feng Shui vase looks and the feeling it gives you when you see it, a Feng Shui vase can be a powerful anchoring objects to achieve your goals of greater wealth and financial independence.

A Feng Shui vase should be created of a material that will balance or strengthen the natural Feng Shui elements in the room. You can refer to the five-elemental color cycle to determine the best material for your Feng Shui vase based on the location you'll place it.

Once you've created (or purchased) the vase, place objects of wealth into it. Gold or silver coins (real or replica), and any other symbols of wealth that are significant to you will work. Remember, the vase's purpose -- like a water element -- is to make you feel wealthy.

Once you've placed objects inside, place five colored cloths, corresponding to the five elements, over the vase, and tie it closed with a red ribbon. It is considered bad fortune to open a Feng Shui vase once it's sealed.

You should keep your vase in a closed cabinet in the appropriate trigram of your home -- most likely the wealth trigram of the Ba Gua, although you might place it in the career, fame and recognition or helpful people section to enhance the flow of chi and good fortune in these areas.

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