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Feng Shui Entrance Analysis: Find a Home with a Feng Shui Front Entrance

feng shui front doorThe front entrance is one of the three most important areas of a home or apartment. As such, it's a key to make sure the front entrance of any home you might consider buying has good Feng Shui. It's easier to decorate a space to help enhance your life goals than it is to have to remedy any Feng Shui issues, including sha chi (killing chi), negative energy, or stagnant chi in a space.

When you assess the front entrance:

- Make sure nothing is blocking the front doorway, such as a large tree or column or pillar. These are expensive and time-consuming to remove.

- Make sure the front entrance opens to a wide, bright hallway. If the hallway is dark, you can correct this problem with lighting and bright or light paint. But a wide entryway is best.

- Avoid an “unbalanced” entrance. An unbalanced entryway is one where the entrance opens to a long-distance view, obstructed by a large wall in the entryway. This situation can lead to arguments between family members or couples, and impulsive action.

- Avoid an entrance blocked by a large wall. As bad as an unbalanced entrance is an entryway that leaves the person entering staring at a wall. The home's inhabitants will feel blocked every step of the way.

- Avoid a home where a staircase immediately faces the front entrance. This arrangement, unfortunately very common, can lead to wealth rushing out of a home. Inhabitants may have trouble saving money or getting out of debt.

To give yourself the best chance of success in your new home, select a bright, open entryway with none of these Feng Shui “don'ts.”

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