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Feng Shui Office Colors for Success

feng shui office colorsWe recently talked about selecting a new office using Feng Shui basic principles. If you're re-decorating your current office space, or painting an office where you just moved in, the best Feng Shui colors for your office depend on the industry and business you're in.

It's important to consider the type of environment you want to create through the use of Feng Shui colors in an office space.

Do you need a creative, yang space where lots of high-energy work will be completed -- such as a retail venue, investment office, or advertising agency?

Or do you need a relaxing environment, like you might find in a therapist's office? Are you highly involved in sales within the office so you want the space to appeal to a broad range of people?

Or are you a bookkeeping and tax firm, where you want to convey a sense of responsibility and keep your employees highly focused on their tasks?

Here are some common types of businesses and the colors best suited to that profession:

Accounting firm: white or yellow to promote concentration and wealth

Investment firm: Same as above, or blue or green for trust and opportunities

Bank: White or beige

Artist's studio/graphic design agency/creative environment: multiple colors, bright colors, or all-black or all-white, for concentration and creativity

Lawyer's office: white, beige, yellow, green, blue, grey or black

Academic's office: Dark colors for intelligence and concentration

Doctor's office: calming colors that enhance trust, such as blue, green, purple, pink or white (for cleanliness)

Therapist's office: White (for purity and stability) or multi-colored, to appeal to a wide range of people

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