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Feng Shui Office Space: Selecting a Site for Your Business

feng shui office spaceHave you decided in 2011 and start your own business? Are you already a business owner looking for new retail or office space?

If so, you have a unique opportunity to get your business started in the most fortunate way using Feng Shui principles when you select an office building or space. You'll want to carefully consider the building's exterior and interior before you decide on a space. Your choice may vary based on your industry or profession, but many of the basic Feng Shui principles remain the same.

Landscaping Features For a Feng Shui Office

Look for office space with an active front yard and front entrance. The terrain should descend, and there should be lots of foot traffic, sunlight and activity in the area. A water element is a positive feature on the property, but the building should not sit behind a drain as this could cause financial difficulties and health problems.

A building that faces a mountain could mean you will face obstacles in the business, but if it is located far enough away and gives the right sense, it could also offer protection. Avoid any office building with sha chi (sharp corners, sharp rooflines or square pillars) pointing directly at the front entrance.

Feng Shui Office Architecture

A rectangular building that matches the other buildings surrounding it offers the best Feng Shui for success. Your building should have no irregular corners or sections missing, which can be hard to fix in an office.

Feng Shui Office Layout

The layout of your office building should meet the needs of your particular business. Do you need an open floor plan, or lots of individual office space? Whatever the office layout, the chi should flow freely and the entrance should be open and inviting to welcome opportunity into the space.

If you're considering new office or retail space for your business, I offer Feng Shui consultations for site or building selections for business owners. Contact me to see how I can help you get your business started on the right land or within the best space!

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