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Feng Shui Home-Buying Basics: Surrounding Structures

feng shui home buyingWhen you consider Feng Shui basics in the purchase of a new home or apartment, you should consider the structures surrounding your home. Here are a few things to look out for:

Poison arrows - Sharp rooflines pointed at your new home, or the corners of buildings pointed at your front entrance are bad Feng Shui. However, these elements can be reduced with a Feng Shui remedy, so consider other factors as well. If this is just one of many signs of bad Feng Shui across the property, steer clear.

Surrounding architecture - Buildings surrounding your prospective home or apartment should be in the same style as your future residence. In other words, a high-rise apartment building should have more of the same on either side.

A suburban home should be about the same size as the surrounding homes in the neighborhood. You don't want to purchase the largest house on the block -- it's bad real estate investing as well as bad Feng Shui. It's better to choose a smaller home in the best neighborhood you can afford. You also don't want the neighbors' homes to tower over yours, as this can lead to feeling dwarfed, feelings of insecurity, and a failure to advance in life.

Surrounding public buildings - While funeral homes are not ideal, schoolhouses can be good Feng Shui. But keep in mind, a school has extremely active chi -- lots of yang energy -- during the school year. You can expect a busy, bustling environment if you live near a school.

Churches can be good or bad Feng Shui, depending on the events that are being carried out. If there are celebrations such as weddings, this is viewed as a good thing. Traditional style churches used only on Sunday mornings tend to have stagnant chi, while a church that serves as a community center and gathering place will bring positive chi into a neighborhood.

If there are businesses around your home, see what kind of shape they are in. Are the entrances well-kept? Are any stores going out of business? Vacant buildings or going-out-of-business signs could indicate that you will struggle financially in the neighborhood, too.

The Street - It's bad Feng Shui to live at the end of a t-intersection with the chi rushing toward your home, destroying your goals and possibly your family's health, relationships and fortune. Cul-de-sacs are also not optimal. Ideally, look for a wide street with not too much traffic, but just enough that it indicates the neighborhood is alive and thriving.

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