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Feng Shui Mediation Room To Attract Spiritual Bliss and Prosperity

Feng Shui Meditation RoomFeng Shui meditation room or space is designed to help you deepen your spiritual and intuitive connection with the Universe.
A Feng Shui meditation room can help you gain clarity through the use of colors, location and placement to generate new levels of ideas and understanding.

Your meditation space does not have to be large, expensive, or ornate. In fact, the simpler the better, so that you can get started on meditating and relaxing in the room right away.

A meditation room should be decorated in pleasing, sedate Feng Shui colors, with no patterns to create a busy, yang environment.
Consider colors that would be suitable for a bedroom, like earthy green or sedate, light blue, or colors designed to enhance spirituality, like black. Muted reds and yellows can also work, depending on what appeals most to you.  
Feng Shui Water Element in a Meditation Room

A water element can be a pleasing addition to a meditation room. The soft lull of the fountain adds to the yin environment. You can place this in the wealth corner, the spirituality corner, or nearly anywhere else. Do not place it in the Fame & Reputation trigram of this room, because that segment is ruled by the fire element.  

Enhance the Spirituality Trigram

Of course, the primary focus of the meditation room should be in the wisdom & self-cultivation trigram of the Ba Gua. In fact, it's best if you can place your meditation area in this trigram when you lay the Ba Gua over your entire home or apartment.
Enhance this corner of your meditation room with live plants, spiritual symbols, or anything that pleases and relaxes you.

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