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3 Feng Shui Tips To Consider When Buying A House

feng shui basics for buying a home

There's a lot to consider -- both mundane and metaphysical -- when you're buying a home. When you use Feng Shui for home selection, you will be one step closer to finding the house of your dreams. It's easier to seek out a home with good Feng Shui than to find out after the fact that your home is not in an optimal location, or does not have desirable Feng Shui features. Then you may be faced with making extensive cosmetic changes or you might even choose to make expensive modifications to your home's layout and architecture.

Here are three important Feng Shui basics to consider when you buy a home, because changing these elements could be expensive later on.

1. Placement of the stove in the kitchen - It is bad Feng Shui to be able to view a stove from the front door of a home. Preferably, the kitchen stove will put the cook in the command position of the room (although this is easy to remedy with mirrors.) The stove should also be away from both the sink and the refrigerator -- the water elements in these appliances will cancel out the fire element in the stove. Since the stove represents your career, how you make your living, and also how people view you, this is a crucial element in a home you're considering for purchase.

2. The first room you see when you enter the home - This factor can be impossible to change without extensive, and expensive, remodeling. It is not ideal to see a kitchen or bathroom when you first enter a home, or it could lead guests to “eat and run.” A kitchen near the front entryway can lead to eating disorders or weight gain, as your family might be too focused on food. A bathroom near the front entrance causes your wealth to drain out of the home quickly and can also lead to an urge to go to the bathroom the second you enter the house. If a bathroom is near the front entrance, keep the door closed and place a mirror on the door. If a kitchen is near the front entrance, however, you might consider another home for purchase, instead.

3. The state of the trees and land - The health of the trees, grass and even animals on a property is very revealing about whether the chi in a home is largely positive or negative. Look around not only at the property you intend to buy, but at your prospective neighbors' homes, as well. Is the grass, shrubbery, flowers and wildlife thriving or suffering? Pay close attention when you pull up to a property: What sort of feeling do you get from the area?

Are you looking at purchasing a new home? Consider scheduling a  phone consultation to review the options you're looking at and determine the best selection for your goals based on Feng Shui principles.

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