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Knives Okay in a Feng Shui Kitchen?

Some Feng Shui practitioners believe that knives should always be kept tucked away -- never on display on a hanging rack or even in a butcher block case. It's believed to be especially bad if the knives are stored near your stove.

feng shui kitchen

Like Feng Shui bedroom mirrors, Feng Shui and knives are steeped in myths. Knives are not necessarily “bad Feng Shui” that carry sha chi (killing chi). If everything that had sharp corners contained sha chi, it would be dangerous to walk around our homes. Knives serve a useful, functional purpose in any kitchen and the best place for them is wherever they can be stored safely and conveniently, just a reach away while you are chopping vegetables, cutting meats, and doing other cooking prep.

Of course, if you have young children, keep knives out of reach in a drawer with a childproof lock. But otherwise, display your stainless steel knives in a butcher block, hang them securely on the wall, or store them anyplace else where they will be a convenient part of food prep. Whether knives are full stainless steel or if they have wooden handles, they can be used to strengthen that element in your kitchen. Keep this in mind when selecting a knife set.

It is a good idea, for practical purposes, to keep knife blades well-sharpened and well-maintained.

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