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Feng Shui Your Career: Power or Position?

feng shui careerIf you're thinking about using Feng Shui to improve your career in 2011, it's a good idea to first determine your goals.

Feng Shui Your Career for Power

Sometimes, people want to advance in their position for more power and control. You may have great ideas, but find it hard to get the boss's ear where you are. Maybe you desire more creative control, more decision-making leeway -- basically, you want more power.

If this is the case, you may look at the career or helpful people trigrams of the Ba Gua in your home, your office or even just on your desk in a cubicle. Knowing the right people can help you get the power you want -- even if it doesn't come with a corner office or a fancy title.

The career section of the Feng Shui Ba Gua frequently contains the front entryway of your home or apartment. If your home's front entrance is located in the career trigram, you can use one of these 8 ways to Feng Shui your Entrance.

Feng Shui Your Career for Perks & Positions

Other times, people really just want more money and the perks and prestige that come with a higher level position. There's nothing wrong with this. Maybe you covet the corner office. Or an annual salary so you don't have to punch a clock. Or even a corporate card. Any of these things are more related to your perceived position within a company, rather than the actual power and responsibility you might hold.

To increase your standing in the company with a better title, corporate perks and more money, take a look at the fame and recognition trigram of your home or office, and also take a close look at the stove in your kitchen. Your stove represents how people see you, as well as income and career advancement. Keep it clean, in operating order, and make an effort to use it at least once every day.

You might also activate the wealth trigram on your desk with a lucky bamboo plant with three stalks.

Remember, any change in your life begins with determining what you really want and then setting a goal to achieve it. Do you want to Feng Shui your career for perks, position, or true power?

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