Feng Shui Element of Wood: What It Means

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Feng Shui Element of Wood: What It Means


feng shui wood elementIn December many people of the Christian faith have a tree, which represents the wood element, in a particular space in their living room or family room. Other people may run a fireplace for winter, which combines the elements of fire and wood.

Let's take a look at the Feng Shui wood element and see what it does. In the Feng Shui Ba Gua, the element of wood corresponds with the family corner, which is the left side of a room, home or apartment (when you're standing at the door looking in.) The colors associated with wood are green and blue -- earthy, natural tones but strong tones.

Placing a Christmas tree in the family trigram of the ba gua will strengthen the evergreen as a symbol of family and friends, a place to gather and celebrate.

If you enjoyed the way this trigram of your home was empowered, you may want to place a Feng Shui plant in this corner now that the holidays are over -- perhaps a tree with bright, healthy green leaves and planted in a blue pot. Peace lily plant or Palm plant may be ideal.

Adding the wood element to a space can add stability and also encourage growth and re-birth (again, think of a tree!)

People with Feng Shui Wood Chi
People with a lot of the element wood in their chi tend to be strong, stable forces with great self-confidence. Like a majestic tree, roots stretching toward the sky, they take action on a grand scale. They are likely to launch large businesses or take on large, impactful projects. People with wood chi “think big.”

People governed by wood chi are often balanced by companions with lots of flowing water chi.

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1) I'm getting confused here - Other web sites say the Earth element are brown/green, you say blue/green (I like your colors better), Same for the Ba Gua layout - they have "Love/Marriage" in your "Career" section and they turn your Ba Gua essentially turned upside down.  
FEAK OUT TIME for me as personally I have worked with YOUR Ba Gua for the last 6 months and (Ego here)because it works perfectally for us, with the lay out of my home (no way can my master bedroom/Love be moved to these other peoples "Love" sections!).  
I'm going to follow "The Master" (you) but please shed some light on these discepancies. 
2) Two of us who live deep in the woods of PA. are grappling with the fact that what was origonally intended to be our front doors on her older home/ my cabin retreat are inaccesible or unviable. Our "CHI" flows strong through what we consider to be our "front" doors (formerly the back doors of our abodes) - any tips here?  
My 'Entrance" has a sheltered concrete patio/car port and a "Welcome " sign and a 5 tone chime PLUS my little Choclate Cocker rings a 5 bell string of Tibetian bells to go out (a hundred times a day) and one bell to come in to every day. I think enhanceing our walkways might do the trick. 
Do we have it covered? Mary
Posted @ Saturday, January 08, 2011 6:29 PM by Mary Williams
Great comment on wood with Feng Shui. I've always liked wooden furniture and try to buy more organic pieces. I use an artificial tree for Christmas to not have to use live trees for the holidays. Would be interested in anyone's thoughts on that -- live tree vs real tree.
Posted @ Sunday, January 09, 2011 12:52 AM by Holly Hubler
Well I am very confused, because I have been following Compass Feng Shui, and I see that you use Black Sect Feng Shui so I guess that means it is a better choice as far as you are concerned, or you would not be using it.,,Would you please tell me why you choose this and not the other? It certainly turns everthing around from what I believed. 
For instance my Left side, is my west side, sect says family, compass says friends.
Posted @ Monday, January 10, 2011 12:00 AM by LauraL
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