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Feng Shui Tips for Education

feng shui tips for educationMost college kids are home right now for a break between semesters. This may be a good time to look at the knowledge corner of your home, as represented in the Feng Shui Ba Gua , and look at ways you can get the chi flowing into this corner to create a more productive winter break, or to help you in your own studies and endeavors.

The knowledge trigram of the Feng Shui Ba Gua is in the front left corner of your home when you are facing your home, looking in. Your front door may be located in this trigram. If it is, follow these tips to Feng Shui your entryway for greater success and wisdom.

The element associated with the knowledge trigram is earth. For this reason, you can activate and raise the chi in this corner with items made of clay, and earthy colors such as beige, light brown, and yellow. (These bright, light colors also happen to work well for a Feng Shui entry way.)

You can use a number of other Feng Shui remedies to draw chi into this area of your home. Environmental anchors may include books on a bookshelf or a globe of the world. You can also use a potted plant, which represents the elements of both wood and earth.

If you place a bookshelf in this corner and can see it from your front entrance, be careful that it doesn't lead to your home's inhabitants becoming a little too studious. Gauge the effects of this Feng Shui remedy -- or get a bookshelf with doors that close so the books are not always in view but you will feel their effects on the chi in your home.

By surrounding your family with items that remind them of learning, you will cultivate an environment and attitude of knowledge and wisdom that children will take with them back to school and that they will carry through life.

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