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Feng Shui for Prosperity in 2011

feng shui for prosperityWhat is the one thing you'd like to accomplish in 2011? What one goal, if you attained it, would make your life that much better? What accomplishment would lead you closer to living (or finding) your true life purpose?
Many people seeking Feng Shui consultations come to me looking for increased wealth, to find romance, improve their career, find greater peace and harmony in their lives, or improve their relationships. Which one applies to you? Or is it something else you really want to change in 2011?
Feng Shui teaches us that when we set our intention, follow our intuition, and focus on our goals, we can achieve them. The Universe, our personal energy, and the chi within our home and work environments will begin to adjust to help us achieve our goals.

How do you harness the power of Feng Shui to accomplish all you desire in 2011?

First, don't forget the most important element of success, which is focus. Write down that one goal -- that one thing you really, really want to be, do or have in 2011.

From there, you can apply Feng Shui remedies -- in the forms of colors, objects or environmental anchors -- to adjust the chi in your space to help you accomplish this goal. Keep it foremost in your mind.

This blog contains tips to help you improve your environment and your life in every way. You can activate the chi in your home or apartment for greater wealth, health, happiness... to find romance, change careers to do something you really love, start a business, or just find greater peace and happiness.

If you make only one change in 2011 -- if you make just one New Year's resolution -- make it relate to living your true life purpose, attaining that one goal you really, really want this year.

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