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Feng Shui Your Child's Bedroom for Lifelong Success

feng shui your child's bedroomWe've talked in depth about how to Feng Shui the master bedroom for better health, better sleep or to find romance. But what about a child's room? Certain Feng Shui principles apply to children -- who tend to have scattered, very active chi -- that don't necessarily apply to adults.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors for a Child
While restful colors such as light blues and greens are good in a child's or adult's bedroom for a restful night's sleep, you can also paint a child's bedroom in bright, primary colors to encourage learning. You can also use other brightly colored objects in a child's room to encourage learning.

Feng Shui Objects and Bedroom Mirrors
Ever wonder why infants often have mobiles over their cribs? Not only do mobiles keep babies entertained and soothed -- they are good Feng Shui! As a child gets older, consider moving the mobile, or hanging a whirligig or colorful windchime, so it hangs at eye level for the child.

This will draw the child's chi upward, giving them more motivation and also the concentration to be smarter. Do not hang mobiles over the crib of a baby who can sit up -- the baby can pull the mobile down or pull up on it to climb out of the crib.

Baby safe mirrors are also great in an infant or toddlers room, as are photos of loved ones, favorite characters or other babies.

Feng Shui Bedroom Furniture
Avoid large, heavy furniture. In addition to posing a safety hazard to young children and toddlers -- who can pull heavy dressers or tall bookshelves down on themselves -- they also oppress the child's chi.

Feng Shui Bed Position for Children
A child's bed or crib should still be in the command position. If possible, place the bed in the children trigram of the Ba Gua within the room -- providing you can place the bed here and it will still be in a command position.

Feng Shui for Teens
As a child gets older, it's okay to keep books in the bedroom, especially in the knowledge trigram of the Ba Gua, where they can encourage learning and enhance intelligence. The bed or desk can also reside in the knowledge trigram.

As a general rule, the older a child becomes -- all the way into the teen years and through college -- the room should become more like an adult bedroom, with more sedate, relaxing colors and stable objects around the room. Teens and tweens need stability and an emphasis on knowledge and study in their surroundings.

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