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Feng Shui Home Office Location for Success in Any Field

feng shui home officeWhat's the best place for a Feng Shui home office? That depends on how you use the office and your personal and career goals. Whatever you use an office for, it's crucial that it has a door you can close for peace and privacy.

It should be set far away from social activity areas of your home like the den, family room or kitchen; who wants to hear the rest of the family enjoying games or movies while they're working, right?

Feng Shui Office for Quiet, Creative Types
If you require a truly peaceful, tranquil area for your work -- perhaps you are an artist or writer -- the back of the home, perhaps located in the wealth corner of the ba gua, is the best location.

Always be in a command position that gives you a clear view of your office door but doesn't put you in line with the door. If you don't have a window in your office, you might hang a landscape painting depicting a water or garden scene one of the walls.

Feng Shui Office for Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals
If you regularly meet with clients inside your home, consider having your office toward the front of the house. Remember, in this case your home also represents your business.

You'll want to use Feng Shui principles in your entryway and in the outside of your home, too. First impressions count! You may consider placing your office in the career trigram of the ba gua for increased business success.

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