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Feng Shui for Restaurants in NYC and Other Places

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Are you planning a big New Year's Eve dinner? In NYC and many other areas, reservations for New Year's Eve dining must be booked months in advance. But if you don't have plans yet, you can still make any NYC dining experience better using Feng Shui principles. Even if you can't get a seat in your choice of NYC restaurant, you can get the best table at a lesser-known restaurant and still have a great night.

Feng Shui NYC Dining Any Time
Whether it's New Year's Eve, or you're just grabbing a quick bite in the middle of your Christmas shopping, you can use these Feng Shui principles to make your experience the best it can be.

Feng Shui for restaurants involves your choice of restaurant and your choice of seating. First, select a restaurant where the entry way and the inside decor appeal to you. Many restaurants select classic black and white decor, or green and other earth tones, which are both good for dining. Chinese restaurants often decorate in red, since this color is considered lucky for businesses.

Choosing Your Feng Shui NYC Restaurant Table
Once inside, request a table that is not:

- in direct line with the door
- near the bathroom
- at the bottom of a staircase
- too close to a door- right next to the kitchen or busboy station- at the edge of a major walkway where people may bump you or your chair
A window view is preferable, but you should be seated with your back against a wall for a sense of security.

Trust Your Feng Shui Instincts
Sometimes, when you enter a restaurant, a certain table will just call to you. Follow your instincts, since you'll probably be comfortable there. Some desirable spots include:

- Near a plant
- Near a fireplace
- In a secluded corner

I recently visited an upscale restaurant and they placed us in the indoor patio where it was cold and had tile floor. Completely changed the dining experience. And I could tell others around us were questioning the room as well. Before we ordered, I asked to be relocated. They seated us in an upstairs area next to a beautiful floral display off to one side of the main dining room. This provided a lovely and romantic evening. So don't be afraid to ask for a new table location to create a positive dining experience.

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