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Feng Shui Entrance Tips For Balance & Harmony

In Feng Shui, the entrance to a home or apartment is one of the three most important areas. A Feng Shui entryway should be bright, spacious inviting, and well-lighted. But what about your front door?

The front door is also known as the mouth of chi, and is the primary way energy, fortune and opportunities enter the lives of a home's inhabitants.

Follow these Feng Shui entrance tips to make sure your door contributes to your Feng Shui entryway.

Door size - The door should be right size in proportion to your home. A door that is too small will limit opportunities, while a door that is too large may overwhelm a home or apartment's residents with too much chi. They may have a hard time holding on to money or capitalizing on opportunities.

To fix a door that is too small, hang mirrors on either side to make it appear wider. A door that is too large for a home can be fixed in a few different ways. Paint the foyer a darker color to make the space seem smaller, or place a heavy object at the entrance -- but not too close to the door.

Door-to-window ratio - Windows should not outnumber doors by a 3-to-1 ratio or more. In other words, you should have 2 windows or less for every door in your home. Windows should also be smaller than the door for better family relationships between parents and children.

Watch this video to see more ways to Feng Shui your entrance.

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