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Is Your Feng Shui Bedroom Location Leaving You Exhausted?

feng shui bedroomSo, it's the holidays and many of us are worn out, stressed out, and exhausted. Too many commitments, possibly money worries, and a desire to create the “perfect” Christmas leave many people frazzled and depressed.

But if this feeling of exhaustion is normal for you -- no matter what the season -- a bad Feng Shui bedroom location or other Feng Shui issues with your bedroom could be causing it.

Here are four aspects of a bedroom in Feng Shui that could be interfering with your good night's sleep:

1. Too many bedroom mirrors.
A Feng Shui bedroom mirror or two can be a very good thing to improve your marriage, open a space and even increase your fortune. But too many Feng Shui bedroom mirrors create too much yang energy in a space that is supposed to be primarily yin. All the energy bounces around off the mirrors, and can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Mirrors may also reflect lights from outside -- again, creating Yang energy as well as distracting visions as you try to sleep. If you have just one or two mirrors in your bedroom but find they distract you when you sleep, try moving their location so they are not facing the bed, or covering them with a silk cloth at night.

2. Too many windows.
Like Feng Shui bedroom mirrors, windows are good -- in moderation. South-facing windows that let in too much sunlight during the day, especially in the early morning hours, can give a space too much yang energy. A simple solution to this is using room-darkening blinds.

3. Bedroom too dark, or even musty or moldy.
Does your bedroom have a bit too much yin energy, to the point where the space feels almost dead? This isn't good either. A room that smells moldy or musty is not healthy to sleep in and it can most definitely affect your sleep. If a room is dark and gloomy, it will have yin energy, but it won't be peaceful energy that creates the environment for a good, healthy night's sleep.

4. An irregularly shaped bedroom.
A bedroom that is an odd shape can create a lot of sha chi corners that can disrupt your sleep. Other irregular shapes (triangles and trapezoids) can also be disruptive. A room with slanted ceilings, like an attic bedroom, can give the room's occupants a feeling of oppression or of being “weighed down,” which can make it difficult to sleep.

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