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5 Quick Tips To Feng Shui Your Wardrobe for Christmas Parties

feng shui quick tips holiday party resized 600Office Christmas party have you feeling apprehensive? Worried about coming across the right way, putting your best foot forward, and even using the opportunity to advance your career? Feng Shui can help.

Follow these 5 Feng Shui quick tips to shine at your next office holiday shindig.

1. Dress the part. Dress for the role you want to have in your office. You don't have to bust your holiday budget on a new, designer suit if you're still working in the mailroom, but definitely dress to impress. Choose an outfit that is tasteful, classic, and, most of all, makes you look and feel great. Remember, it's always to be over-dressed (but not in a tacky way) than under-dressed for an occasion.

2. Wear colors that suit your chi. Red is a great, empowering color for nearly anybody, especially for a Christmas party, but you can also choose any color that simply makes you feel great. Want to show your kinder side? Consider green. Of course, classic black is perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion and has the benefit of making you look (and feel) smarter. You can enliven a black outfit with an attention-getting red accessory. Read this article for more Feng Shui quick tips on how to dress in the best colors for you,

3. Brush up on non-controversial local or national news, pop culture, or any other “conversation piece.” The last thing co-workers (and bosses) want to discuss outside of work is work. Surf the Web for some interesting, non-controversial news, form a few opinions about non-incendiary topics, or pick up some quick, fun facts to share. Get tongue-tied in a crowd? That's okay, too. Remember, most people love to talk about themselves. Ask a few open-ended, not-too-personal questions, and then listen. Really listen. If you take time to be in the moment and pay attention to people's responses, they will know it. And they will enjoy speaking with you on some level they can't even describe.

4. Carry yourself well. Armed with your great, chi-enhancing outfit and an arsenal of interesting conversation, now's your chance to shine. Carry yourself as if you know you will always do and say the right thing. When all else fails and you're feeling out-of-sorts, smile, ask questions, and listen.

5. Take a deep breath. Before you enter the room, take a deep breath, letting the oxygen and positive chi flow into your lungs and through your body. Your chest cavity should expand as you breathe in with this life-affirming action. You may also recite a short positive affirmation to yourself, then smile and  know that this is your night.

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