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Feng Shui Health: Is Sha Chi Harming Your Safety?

feng shui health“I'm just clumsy.” “I've always been accident prone.” “I'm such a klutz!”

Does this sound familiar? We've all tripped and fallen at an embarrassing time, or even had a mishap or two in the kitchen. Maybe a collision with another car. Hey, that's why they call them accidents.

But Feng Shui factors, and especially your Feng Shui bedroom location, can also contribute to a person being more accident prone than they need to be. If you have sha chi (killing energy) pointed at your bedroom, it can affect your sleep which, in turn, will make it harder for you to be present in the “now.”

If you're not focusing on the present moment, not paying as much attention as you should on day-to-day tasks, this can certainly lead to more frequent accidents and bodily injury.

Here are a few examples of sha chi directed at your bedroom that can hurt you:

- Electrical poles and pylons
- a sharp roofline from a neighbor's house pointed at your bedroom
- a view of bald, rocky or chipped mountains
- abandoned buildings or foreclosed, vacant homes
- the view of a dead tree from your bedroom window

It's best in these cases to move your bedroom to another part of the house or apartment. If that's impossible, you can deflect the sha chi with a ba gua mirror hung on the wall outside your home to deflect and disperse the negative energy.

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