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Can Ducks Give You Better Feng Shui for Romance?

mandarin feng shui ducks resized 600There's an ancient Feng Shui tradition that a pair of mandarin ducks, called Yin Yiong, can help you find your life partner or bring a happy marriage. That's because these ducks swim together in pairs and mate for life.

Symbolism of two animals paired together -- such as lovebirds, doves, or any animal that mates for life, may be used to help empower the romance corner of a bedroom or living room. But even more powerful than the symbol you choose is what it represents to you. Items like these should remind you of your purpose, and keep you focused on your goal -- as well as bringing you joy -- whenever you look at them.

Here are some additional Feng shui romance tips to attract love into your life:

- Painting your bedroom pink or peach can help you attract romantic prospects.

- Introduce a live plant for your relationship corner to see your relationship blossom. Or consider fresh flowers to enhance your feeling of romance and encouraging inner peace and love.

- Focus on balance in your bedroom. Items in your bedroom, including nightstands, lamps and pictures, should be well-balanced, with one on each side of the bed, etc. The bed should have room on both sides for people to walk around it.

-  Is workout equipment, books, or too many electric elements adding too much yang energy to your bedroom? Remember, the bedroom is a place for rest and romance. Create a restful sanctuary and you're one step closer to Feng Shui romance, too.

- Add soothing colors and fabrics into the bedroom. One way to do this is to add a rug on each side of the bed if you have hard wood floors to create a sense of luxury, softness and love.

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