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Feng Shui Your Career with Environmental Anchors

feng shui vision boardDo you believe that your thoughts create your reality? One way to make sure you keep positive thoughts in your mind is by using an environmental anchor -- an object that reminds you of a goal and gives you a positive feeling whenever you see it.

Environmental anchors can be traditional Feng Shui remedies, such as crystals, wind chimes or water elements, or simply objects with particular significance to you and your career.

Here are some examples of environmental anchors that you can use for better career Feng Shui:

A college diploma or certification - Hanging this in the career area will remind you of past accomplishments and your self-worth.

Trophies and awards - Placing the fame and recognition or Feng Shui career trigram of the Ba Gua, these will make you feel good about your past accomplishments. When we feel good about our past, we can accomplish more in our future.

- A photo of money or inspirational saying about wealth, or a check from the Universe made payable to you in whatever amount you desire. People desire wealth because it buys nice things and a greater sense of security. Wealth isn't everything but, after health, it is an important aspect to living a successful and fulfilling life. If photos or thoughts of money give you good feelings, empower the wealth corner of the Feng Shui ba gua with money symbols.  

- Photos of people you admire or want to meet. Keep the thought of these people in your mind through photos, and you'll be creating an “energy match” with them, which will attract them to you. Be open to opportunities the Universe may present for you to meet them. I know one woman who placed a photo of a well-known public figure on her vision board. She never imagined she would meet this person, let alone become close to them. After a year of having the picture there and focusing on her own self-development, she began believing she could meet this person. Through an odd synchronicity, she eventually did, and now calls on that person as a business mentor at least once a week.

A vision board - A vision board is a place to collect all your dreams, desires and goals in one place for you to see everyday. Your vision board is an ever-changing piece of art. As you attain the goals and objects on your vision board, you can replace them with new, bigger objects and goals. Be open to the ways the Universe will present you with what you need to accomplish these goals.

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