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Give Feng Shui Remedies More Power with Positive Belief

feng Shui fish tankFeng Shui remedies by themselves are very powerful, proven techniques to improve the flow of chi in a  space and align your environment with your goals. But you can maximize the results you get from any Feng Shui remedies by adding your own positive belief when you first apply the memory and when you look at it.

Even if you don't make a concerted effort, for instance, to think of money whenever you look at the fish tank in your Feng Shui wealth corner, it's presence is having an affect on your mind and helping to bring you closer to your goals.

But you can add increased power to the remedy when you make a conscious effort to change your thought patterns, too. Here are three easy ways to give your Feng Shui remedies more power by affirming your positive beliefs in the power of Feng Shui -- and in yourself!

- Say “yes” to yourself when you see them, and smile. Take a moment to think of the feelings associated with your goal.

- Recite a gratitude list every morning for all your blessings and your blessings that are yet to come. When you notice the specific Feng Shui remedies in your home, make a quick note of gratitude as if you've already achieved the goal associated with that object.

- Recite a quick positive affirmation as you place each Feng Shui object in its appropriate trigram, and again whenever you see it. This keeps your goals firmly in your mind, and will encourage you to begin to live “as if” you have achieved your goals.

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