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Feng Shui Relationships with Gifts and Other Objects

clear the clutterAs we prepare for the holiday season, it's a good time to clean house, clear the clutter, and make room for new gifts that we really want and can use. As we go through the process of sorting through clutter and deciding what to display, store, donate or throw away, it's important to explore our relationships with the objects and what they really represent to us.

Many people hold on to objects that no longer fit their lifestyle or their home's decor because that object has sentimental value. The question to ask is: Do the memories it holds make you happy?

1. If an object brings you joy every time you look at it, by all means display it in a prominent location.

2. If you associate a gift with positive thoughts of a person, but you don't like the object itself, you can consider storing it someplace, finding a place where it will fit, or even donating it to someone who it will bring happiness.

3. Objects with purely negative associations should be donated or tossed. Why keep these things around?

Feng Shui is about energy, but also about the relationships we have in our space. Pay close attention to these Feng Shui relationships to create a home that fills you with joy, peace and vibrancy.

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