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Feng Shui Kitchen: Organize Your Cabinets for Peace of Mind

feng shui kitchen cabinets cupboardThe Feng Shui of your kitchen and kitchen cabinets or cupboards involves more than just what visitors can see when they enter this important room of your home or apartment.
The kitchen in Feng Shui represents how you go out in the world and make your money to provide for you and your family. 

When you open your kitchen cabinets, do cans and boxes fall out on your head? Does it take you 10 minutes in the morning to find a clean coffee cup without a chip in it? What's your silverware drawer look like?

If your cabinets and pantry are a disorganized mess, and you dread going grocery shopping because it means you have to find a place for all your purchases, that is not a Feng Shui kitchen.

The good news is, like so many things in Feng Shui, fixing it is easy. Take a day and sort through everything in your cabinets. Use these steps to make it go quickly:

Food Pantry

1. Toss expired foods and dented cans.

2. Toss or donate anything you know you won't eat -- maybe you tried it once and didn't like it, or maybe it's unhealthy and you've changed your eating habits, or maybe you discovered someone in your family has an allergy to one of the ingredients.

3. Once everything is out of the cabinets, wash down the cabinets and then begin replacing the foods.  Organize foods intuitively, in a way that works for you and your family. Place frequently used items at eye level, kids' foods down low so they can reach their own snacks, items you use once a while up top.

Dishes, Storage, etc.

1. Go through all your dishes, bowls, mugs and toss, donate or sell anything you don't use, is chipped or cracked, or is the last remaining piece to an old set.

2. Match all plastic storageware with lids. Throw away mismatched pieces.

3. Put everything back intuitively and neatly.

Feng Shui for Open Shelves and Cabinets in the Kitchen

If you have cabinets with glass doors, place your favorite items, including fancy china or decorative stemware, in these cabinets. Illuminate with LED lights shining down into the cabinet. Light plays an important part in kitchen Feng Shui, and this is a perfect way to add light to the space.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen Counter

The best kitchen counter in Feng Shui is nearly bare, with plenty of room to cook and prepare foods. Find a place to stow appliances, spices (they are better kept in a dark area anyway), and anything that tends to collect on your kitchen countertop. You can use a few plants or growing herbs such as thyme or rosemary on your counter to brighten up the space and add life chi to your kitchen.

Just before entertaining is the perfect time to Feng Shui your kitchen to make food prep easier.

You'll be happy when guests offer to help you clean up, because you'll be proud to show off your Feng Shui kitchen.

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