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Feng Shui Paint Colors: Making the Right Choice

feng shui paint colorsRecently, a reader asked about some inexpensive ways to brighten up a living room. Depending on the size of a room, choosing Feng Shui paint colors can be an easy and inexpensive way to make a positive change in a living room or any other space.

You can use this quick and easy guide to Feng Shui room colors to determine the best Feng Shui colors for a space. But we all know that what we select from those paint swatches at the home improvement store may not reflect exactly what we see when we get home.

To select Feng Shui paint colors, follow these steps:

- Consider how different colors make you feel. It's great to select colors using the Feng Shui Five Elemental color scheme to truly empower a space and bring good fortune. But the most important consideration is whether you will enjoy looking at a specific color every day.

- In general, lighter colors will brighten a space. Darker colors with lighter accents and accessories, though, can add great depth and energy to larger rooms.

- Buy a sample of paint. Most stores sell paint samples in very small cans. Paint a very small area of your wall, or simply paint a spare piece of wood or sheetrock. After it dries, look at the color over a 24-hour period, in different levels of sunlight and in the artificial light of the room. Does it convey the feeling you want for the space?

- Consider different textures for variety. Different paint techniques can add great depth and creativity to a room and truly bring it to life.

To truly brighten a room on a budget, select Feng Shui paint colors that match your existing furniture and decor, to avoid expensive upgrades in your home.

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